Houston, Texas, March 1, 2018 – Carolyn Petty and Julie Charros-Betancor are pioneers in the tourism industry. Now their companies have formed an unstoppable partnership that is soon to take the tourism world by surprise. Terranea Inbound Travel will serve as the operator in Texas for TaxFree Shopping’s travel groups and international visitors.

TaxFree Shopping celebrates 18 years of bringing our international visitors the Texas sales tax refund service. TaxFree Shopping offers 16 conveniently located refund centers in six different Texas cities, making it easier than ever to receive your sales tax refunds! Our trained bilingual professionals are ready to assist you in every detail of our one-of-a-kind, ONE-STOP sales tax refund service. TaxFree Shopping is an award-winning company and has been recognized by members of the industry all around the world; Now, that’s world class!

Terranea Inbound Travel represents a new direction in travel design for International Travel Agencies and Operators by offering their groups and visitors accommodations such as luxury hotels and resorts, sophisticated dining, world-class shopping and a tailor-made itinerary based on guest’s expectations. “Partnering with Tax Free Shopping increases the value of our services by offering our clients a larger incentive in choosing Texas as their next destination” says Julie Charros-Betancor.

“In keeping with our continued service-oriented tourism approach and leading the industry with new and innovative ideas, we seek to bring you a step-above-the-rest in travel experience. In doing so, TaxFree Shopping will now partner with Terranea Inbound Travel. Our new partnership will provide you with The Ultimate Travel Experience in Texas.” says Carolyn Petty.

About Terranea Inbound Travel, LLC.

Terranea Inbound Travel, LLC https://www.terraneatravel.com a bilingual receptive operator who provides expert advice on luxury travel in Texas by specializing in luxury hotels and resorts. Clients include Incentive Houses, Travel Agencies and Corporate Group companies. The company was founded in 2017 by Julie Charros-Betancor, a seasoned luxury hotel sales executive with a unique blend of experience in marketing, travel, media and technology. Terranea Inbound Travel specializes in making the ordinary extraordinary by designing tailor-made programs to create memories for the discerning traveller. For more information please call 832-473-4841

CONTACT: Julie Charros-Betancor

ORGANIZATION: Terranea Inbound Travel, LLC

PHONE NUMBER: 832-473-4841


About TaxFree Shopping Ltd.

TaxFree Shopping Ltd. http://www.TaxFreeShopping.com is the only customs broke in Texas that offers over 16 refund locations across the state and a ONE Stop Refund Sales Tax Service. TaxFree Shopping is one of kind and 3rd largest customs service in the world. TaxFree Shopping Ltd. is the only customs broker in the world to enable clients to process and receive their refund in one location without having to go back to the retailers to receive their refund in three easy steps. Carolyn Petty, aka the “The Shopping Queen” as the international world knows her, is the President and the force behind TaxFree Shopping. By utilizing international marketing campaigns and understanding tourism program development she helps boost tourism into Texas. For more information please call (214) 368-9067

CONTACT: Carolyn Petty

ORGANIZATION: TaxFree Shopping Ltd.

PHONE NUMBER: (214) 368-9067

EMAIL: CarolynP@TaxFreeShopping.com


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